• Transportation within Hungary.
  • Transfer Airport to Hotel.
  • Sightseeing tours, transfer to folklore and dinner programmes.
  • Excursions, Puszta programmes.
  • Transport services for Conferences, Weddings, Schools.   


Transportations of employees

An other service of our company is to provide the transportation of employees from city centre to suburban sites of our contracted partners. Daily two or more times to the site and after the shift back to designated points of the city. All of our busses have insurance with a special extension for all the "seats and passengers". 

Conditions of transportation

In every case we provide our services to our clients after signing a contract. This can be the done through our form on the homepage sent via e-mail or fax or by a written and confirmed booking. Details of the the actual job will be fixed in the contract.

Conditions of disclaiming a booking: in case of a service within Hungary 24 hours before start of service, in case of a service outside Hungary 72 hours before start of service. In case of a disclaim shorter than mentioned above a minimum charge of the vehicle and possible costs (like road tax, ferry ticket) will be charged.

We accept a disclaim only in written form, e.g. mail, fax or e-mail.


We provide service only in accordance with laws ans regulations referring to busses and busdrivers.

According to the 561/2006/EU regulation of the Council of the European Union, the bus driver is obliged to the following:

  • maximum driving time is 9 hours per day, which can be extended to 10 hours two times a week.
  • Maximum working time is 13 hours per day, which can be extended to 15 hours two times a week, in case whitin the 15 hours day he has a continous 3 hour break.
  • Between two working days he has to have a continous 11 hour break. This can be changed two times a week into one minimum 9 hour continous break plus a minimum 3 hours continous break. 
  • The continous driving time is a maximum of 4,5 hours. After that he hast to take a 45 Minute break. There is the possibility of splitting the break into a minimum 15 Minutes break first and later a minimum of 30 minutes break.
  • The drivers maximum working days are 6 days per week.
  • In case these circumstances are not possible becouse of the programme there is the need of a second driver!
  • Two drivers continously drive a maximum of 21 hours. After that they have to have a continous break of 9 hours. 


:According to law of traffic the maximum speed of a bus is:

  • whithin city limits 50 km/h
  • on the open road 70 km/h
  • on highway 80 km/h


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